Whole home renovation in Denham Springs, Louisiana

Denham Springs Whole Home Remodel

This kitchen is part of the Whole Home Remodel completed for a Denham Springs neighbor

If you love the Denham Springs home you have lived in for many years but are tired of the current decor, then give ZITRO a call for a whole home renovation and remodel. From the simple to the complex, ZITRO can handle a variety of home remodeling projects to give your property a face lift. Some of the most common home remodels include moving walls to open up the common area spaces, replacing the flooring, window replacements and painting the entire home.

Depending on the areas you are renovating in the home and the amount of work involved, remodeling can be somewhat intrusive to your family’s daily lifestyle, especially if the project takes a significantly long time to complete.

At ZITRO, we have built systems for streamlining the home renovation process to ensure that your project will be as little of an inconvenience as possible.

Here we feature a recent Denham Springs whole home renovation and remodeling job we completed for one of your neighbors.  In the kitchen remodeling portion of this whole home renovation in Denham Springs, notice in the following picture how the white mid-continent cabinets brighten the kitchen space. Quality pre-finished cabinets can provide homeowners with the ability to have a low maintenance finish and a spectacular look.

Denham Springs Kitchen Remodel for Whole Home Renovation

This Denham Springs kitchen features mid-content cabinets

Using a different angle, notice in the following picture how the white galaxy granite brings the color scheme together. Variations of granite can provide homeowners with the ability to blend a variety of colors for a spectacular look.

Denham Springs Kitchen for Home Remodel with Granite Countertop

The kitchen features a Granite Countertop

We now are moving out of the Kitchen.  In the living room of this whole home remodel in Denham Springs, notice the impact that nice fireplace tile makes on the rooms décor. Fireplace accent tiles are a perfect way to create a nice break in any rooms color scheme.

Denham Springs Living Room for Home Remodel with Fireplace

The fireplace accent tile creates a break in the color scheme

We then moved on to the master bath for the bathroom remodeling portion of this whole home renovation. Notice the impact of the white persa granite. Polished granite is the perfect finish to the master bath in this whole home renovation.

Denham Springs Bathroom for Home Remodel with polished granite

The bathroom features polished granite

The Bathroom Remodel includes a walk in tub too.  Notice the custom tile tub surrounding. When a homeowner desires to customize an otherwise standard tub installation, there is always a way to spruce up the look in a master bath.

Denham Springs Bathroom for Home Remodel with walk in tub

The bathroom also features a walk in tub

This whole home renovation has an authentic appearance of the wood plank tile flooring. Wood tile is a very popular option for homeowners who want the feel of wood flooring without the actual challenges involved with maintenance and installation. Wood plank tile also offers a larger variety of color options which can make all the difference in planning the design.

Denham Springs Home Remodel with wood look

The home remodel has a nice wood look

At ZITRO, we make sure to provide our team with the ideal pathways in terms of exiting and entering the work areas during your home remodel. Adequate floor protection and construction cleaning are extremely important considerations when renovating as well. It may sound strange, but you will get to know our workers a good bit. A degree of familiarity can take away the stress that may come with the realization that a total stranger is in your home. If ZITRO is planning on remodeling your entryway, we will make sure that you have an alternative entry point and that it is easily accessible to the whole family.

Contact ZITRO  today to be your Whole Home Renovation and Remodeling Contractor.