New Carport

Baton Rouge Carport Contractor

New Carport by Baton Rouge Contractor

Do you have to leave your cars sitting out in the elements because you have nowhere else to park them? Or perhaps you simply want a carport over a garage? A carport cane be a nice addition to your home. They can be built as simple or lavish as you desire. 

A properly constructed carport can extend the life of your vehicle, and add cosmetic appeal and value to your home.

This is a permitted carport project since this is an addition to a home. We wanted to ensure it was framed correctly and followed code. The foundation was also inspected to ensure it is ready to withstand hurricane winds. The structure was carefully built to code requirements by bolting into the foundation. This custom carport was completed using 8″ cypress posts and accented with 6″ white gutters for water diversion.

Baton Rouge Carport Soffit

Soffit built to match original size on the house

Baton Rouge Carport Ceiling

Ceiling painted sky blue

The soffit on this carport were built to match the original size on the house. The interior ceilings were painted with a sky blue and trimmed out with LED lighting for those night time arrivals.


The foundation was a combination of concrete footings around the perimeter and a limestone center for a unique design. Notice how the carport is connected to the home directly over a window which allows a view from the inside of the home to the new project. We even cut out oversized soffit vents and had custom screens made to match the original ones from the 1950s.

Baton Rouge Carport Addition to Home
Carport connected to the home
Baton Rouge Carport Finished
Ready to pull into your new carport

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